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Discover our Restaurants







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Classic breakfasts and buffet breakfasts

In each of our facilities, you will always find a wide selection of fresh and excellent quality products.

Italian or continental breakfast, sweet or savory, hot or cold, but  always perfect to start the day in the best way.  

Breakfast in the room

And for those who want to pamper themselves in the cozy and intimate environment of their room, breakfast is always available in the room, with all the quality and availability of the restaurant.



Business lunches

In some of our facilities it is also possible to take advantage of business lunches managed, always with the utmost professionalism, from the internal restaurants to the structures.

A quality break for your working day.


Lunches and dinners

In each hotel you will meet, and you will have at your disposal, different types of restaurants, to always give our guests and not only the possibility to enjoy lunches and dinners that always live up to expectations.


Cocktail Bar

Our Cocktail Bars with skilled and experienced staff are also always available, for an aperitif, an aperitif, a cocktail with friends or simply for something to drink.



Among our restaurants, in addition to the various proposals, you will also find the inevitable Pizza, cooked in a wood oven and prepared by master pizza makers with first choice ingredients. 



Events and Receptions

We offer the possibility of organizing events and  receptions in our facilities, as in the timeless charm and elegance of the Hotel Vittoria, or in the relaxing and modern atmosphere of the Hotel Master.

Our staff will be able to guide you in managing the event with the utmost professionalism and competence. 

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