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Dream locations

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We have selected only the best locations to experience an emotion that you will not easily forget


Classy dining and reception rooms

It seems to go back in time between the luxury and elegance of the rooms of the Vittoria hotel.

Everything smells of history and refinement, every detail is a small work of art.


Look at the lake from your room

A romantic sunrise or sunset on Lake Garda enjoyed from the comfort of your hotel room.


A panorama overlooking the city

All the charm and romance of the historic center of Brescia, dominated from the top of your room or from the terrace of the Vittoria hotel.

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At the foot of the Brescia castle

One of the cornerstones of the city of Brescia envelops our hotel Master with its majesty, offering a fairytale panorama.



Swimming pools surrounded by greenery

The pleasure of feeling immersed in greenery, in a swimming pool in the city.

This luxury is the prerogative of HB Hotels, no one else can give you the same. 

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